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Cotton Candy Instructions

1. Plug into a 15amp/120V designated electrical outlet. Place cotton candy machine in cart or on a knee high sturdy table/crate with table cover protector.
2. Loosen both pins by turning counter clockwise until spinner head is loose.
3. Center the stainless steel bowl on 4 rubber legs, over top spinner. Clip on plastic netting with metal clips. Place plastic bubble on top of bowl.
4. Break up sugar chunks, scoop and poor sugar into spinner head, do NOT overfill.
5.Turn the heat and motor switches to ON. Do not adjust the dial, it should remain between 2 and 3.
6. Use the long wooden stick to make bags or cone, begin twirling the stick or cone in your hand clockwise, quickly, place stick or cone and inch from bottom of stainless steel bowl and work in a circular motion to collect the sugar as it sprays out of the spinner.
7. If you drop the stick or cone, turn switches OFF FIRST before reaching
8. Turn OFF switches to refill the spinner head with sugar or when NOT in use.
9. When you are done, turn switches off, unplug let cool. Remove bubble, tighten both pins, secure machine, do not tip.

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