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Dunk Tank Information & Rules

We require a water source and hose to fill the tank. The dunk tank hold 325 gallons of water and takes approximately1 hour to fill. The dunk tank is affixed to a trailer so it is ideal to drive it in to position. If not, as close as we can to where water source is located. We cannot climb up or down stairs, uphill, downhill, go through walkways, regular doorways or small gates. If a mid-size vehicle will not fit, either will the dunk tank. We will not set up indoors. The tank cannot be moved once filled. The water is drained out on to the ground from a large valve on the tank at a rapid speed, thus soaking the area and what's around. When setting up stay clear of vehicles and windows!

Dunk Tank Rules
• Adult Supervision Required at all times
• No children on equipment (must be 18yrs or older)
• One person in the dunk tank at a time
• Sit on the edge of the seat with HANDS ON LAP
• Do NOT hold onto chain link fence for any reason
• Careful-watch your head- seat may come back up!
• Be careful & keep away from target and ball path
• Do NOT whip balls or SMASH target
• Participant should not be fearful of water and able to swim
• It can be challenging to climb out of dunk tank- please use ladder
• Dunkee must wait until seat and ARM have been reset BEFORE climbing out
• MAXIMUM 300lbs weight restriction on dunk tank seat

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