Event Tips

Inflatable Rules

Follow these rules and avoid serious injury!

There are inherent many risks, in the participation in or on any inflatable interactive device. Participants and supervisors should be aware that they have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while in or on the inflatable activity. Individuals with head, back, or any other disabilities, pregnant woman, small infants and others susceptible to injury from fall, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in or on in the inflatable unit any time.

• Never move or relocate unit or tamper with ground stakes/anchors. The unit must remain staked/anchored at all times!
• Keep children away from blowers at all times. Blowers are to be operated by adults only
• Qualified adult supervision and operation required at all times
(minimum 16 years of age). If an attendant is not present, do NOT enter
• No shoes (socks recommended), gum, food or drink or pets
• No silly string, sprays, sharp objects, toys, jewelry, glasses, etc.
• No running, flips, wrestling, horseplay, headstands, pushing or shoving
• Bounce and play away from others and away from the sides
• Participants are expected to play in designated play areas and refrain from climbing on or over walls, platform or landing pillows
• No water play in or around the bouncer or blower (if it rains, leave unit running)
• No open fire, fire pits, sparklers, fireworks or heat source within 500feet
• Keep the bouncer a safe distance from fire hydrant, water, walls, fence or other obstructions.
• Do Not operate in high/strong winds over 25 km/hour, lighting or any extreme weather = deflate & evacuate
• The unit must be fully inflated at all times while playing and remain inflated until everyone is out. Loss of power = evacuate!
• Restrictions apply: refer to age, size & weight restrictions on your invoice and/or agreement/waiver
• Same size, age, weight and ability play together. Adults permitted ONLY on specified units
• No babies- participants must be strong enough to stand, climb and bounce on their own
• All the riders must be over 3 years old and/or 36" in height
• Follow all rules (the ones you are reading) whenever product is in use.
• Store product in dry, clean area when not in use, cover if raining or not in use
(if applicable)

Additional Rules for Slides:

• No more than one participant climbing the ladder at any one time.
• No more than one participant sliding down slide chute at any one time.
• No horseplay or climbing walls on slide platform
• No jumping or flips from platform top
• No more than two participants should be on top platform at any one time
• Do not slide down the slide until landing pad is cleared of previous
• No climbing UP the slide chute. Stay clear of the bottom of the slide chute

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