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Inflatables & Equipment

• Delivery times vary depending on the start and end of your event. Moonwalk will do their best to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes to 2 hours before your event start time. Pick up will occur once event time has expired. Pick ups may occur up to 2 hours after your event. Please contact us with as much time in advance as possible, in order to schedule your specific times. A mileage fee applies outside Barrie & area.

• Responsibility for the rental equipment remains with the renter from the time of delivery until the time of return or pick-up. It is important to make sure that all equipment is secured and protected from the elements; otherwise the renter will be charged the repair or the full amount of the item. (Repair fees vary from $350 to full cost or equipment replacement).

• Moonwalk staff makes sure that the structures are delivered in excellent working conditions, and we require the client's signature upon arrival documenting the shape of said items (should there be any tears, cuts, electric malfunctions, etc.)

• At the time of reservation, the renter must specify where the structure will be set up; on top of grass, or sand, the sidewalk, concrete, Indoor, school, street, backyard, parking, if we do require the used of the stairs to access the location.

• The renter is responsible for having competent adult supervision at all times as indicated by Moonwalk (minimum 1 to 2 people per inflatable).

• The renter is responsible for following all rules, regulations and terms and conditions provided by Moonwalk Bouncers.

• Inflatables and amusements will be anchored to the ground at all times with spikes or sandbags, and should never be moved once set up is complete. Do not relocate. Contact Moonwalk if equipment needs to be moved. There will be an additional charge to re-locate equipment.

• It's up to the renter to ensure all items are returned cleaned, swept and set just as they were delivered. Otherwise, there'll be clean up charges (varying the size of the unit, from $25.00 to $85.00).

• An inflatable can't be used in heavy rain and/or lighting conditions or if winds exceed 25 km/h.

• An inflatable must be fully inflated before any children are allowed inside.

• An inflatable must be fully inflated until everyone is out.

Reservations & payment:

Moonwalk requires a minimum $50 deposit with each equipment reservation or event. Sorry, but without a deposit, we're unable to confirm a booking. We accept major credit cards, business cheques, money orders, e-transfers Cheques payable to Moonwalk Bouncers. Fees may apply for credit card payments. • We require a valid credit card to rent any inflatable, game or equipment. (Sorry, no exceptions).

Cancellation Policy Weather:

Moonwalk is not responsible for inclement weather. For the safety of your guests, we reserve the right to cancel due to extreme weather. Equipment cannot be operated in heavy rain or constant rain and/or winds over 25km/ hr. We will do our best to cancel 2 hours before your scheduled start time in Barrie & area/ a minimum 4 hours outside of Barrie & area. On and off rain and or light wind, most units can still be set up. To avoid injury, we recommend guests refrain from playing on wet units as they are slippery (excludes wet/dry units). Inflatables dry quickly and guests can resume activity once dry. Never shut the unit off unless high winds persist (over 25 km/hr). If heavy rain or high winds persist, deflate, cover if possible and contact Moonwalk Bouncers at 705-715-2925.

Cancellation/Refund due to weather:

No payment is due if we cancel due to inclement weather. If we must cancel, your payment and/or non-refundable deposit can be returned or remain on account with no expiry. If YOU the renter cancels due to weather, it must be a minimum 2 hours before your scheduled start time for your event in Barrie & area. If outside Barrie, a minimum of 4 hours prior to your scheduled start time. If YOU cancel, your deposit and/or payment will be held on account with no expiry. Once we depart and/or set up, regardless of weather, full payment is due and no refund or discount will be issued.

General Cancellation/Refund:

Moonwalk requires 7 days’ notification in writing to cancel equipment. If you cancel less then 7 days in advance, no refund will be issued. Your payment will remain on file as a credit to rebook within one year.

No refunds, returns or discounts once items are delivered.

No refunds will be awarded, if at the time of delivery, the structure does not fit in the location.

We do not accept returns once the equipment is delivered and reaches the event site.


The renter acknowledges that he/she has had an opportunity to personally inspect the equipment, find the equipment in good condition that is suitable for his/her needs. The renter further acknowledges that it is his/her duty to inspect the equipment prior to use and notify Moonwalk Bouncer and Amusement Rentals of any defects. The renter also agrees to inspect the equipment periodically. The renter must call us upon delivery, should there be any problems/complaints.


There are no warranties of merchantability or fitness, either expressed or implied. There is no warranty that the equipment is suited for the renter's intended use or that it is free from defects. Moonwalk Bouncer and Amusement Rentals make no warranty of any said equipment and the renter agrees to Moonwalk immediately if any leased equipment develops an indication of defect or improper working condition. The renter agrees to use said equipment entirely at his/her own risk, to be liable for any damage to persons, it's agents, servants, and employees from any and all liability resulting from the operation or use of the rented equipment.

Operation of Equipment:

The renter agrees that all rented equipment shall be used and operated only by persons competent in its operation. The renter further agrees to operate and maintain/service the equipment in accordance with rules and instructions during the time it is in his/her possession, regardless of rental time slated on contract(s), and understands neglect to do so may result in an additional charge. The renter acknowledges he/she understands proper use of equipment. The renter further agrees not to operate the equipment in a careless or negligent manner.


The rented equipment shall be at the address specified by the renter, which address appears on the rental agreement, and the customer grants Moonwalk the right to enter said property.

Supervision and Care:

The renter agrees to supervise the operation, use and storage of the leased equipment from the time the equipment is put in the renter's possession and/or agreed premises until the time the leased equipment is recovered from the renter's possession and/or agreed premises. The renter further agrees to surrender and return all the equipment leases at the specified herein in the same condition in which it was received, normal wear and tear excepted. If the renter fails to return all the equipment in the aforementioned condition and/or agreed return time, the customer agrees to pay Moonwalk the cost of the repair or replacement of any damaged or lost equipment and/or any late fees to be determined by Moonwalk . The renter hereby agrees to supervise the operation, use and storage of the leased equipment continuously and hereby assumes full responsibility for any injuries in which may result from said operation, use and storage.

Hold Harmless Agreement Statement:

The renter agrees to assume all risks and hold Moonwalk harmless for any property damage caused by the leased equipment and/or arising out of any possible Moonwalk negligence. The renter further agrees to hold Moonwalk harmless from any claims made by any person, not a party to this lease which in any way may arise out of the operation, use, or storage of the leased equipment.

General Terms and Conditions Statement:

It is hereby agreed that the listed equipment rented from Moonwalk Bouncer & Amusement Rental’s by the renter for the renter's own use and the said equipment will not be loaned, sub-let, mortgaged or any other manner disposed by the customer. The renter agrees to be liable for any loss of said equipment by fire, theft or any other cause. Once the equipment has been accepted, either verbally or by signature Moonwalk would not be responsible for inclement weather and/or any other conditions which may cause the delay or cancellation of an event. Food machines, party games and equipment • The renter is responsible for the handling and safe operation of equipment. • Moonwalk staff will show the renter how to properly run the machines and equipment and will send instructions to your e-mail, or give you a hard copy at delivery. • The renter must call Moonwalk should there be any problems with the machines or equipment, please DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF. • Food machines and their accessories must be returned tidied, wiped clean and repackaged properly to avoid any extra cleaning fee. • Should the equipment be returned untidied, the renter will be charged cleaning fees (varying from $25.00 to $50.00). • Should the equipment be returned damaged or missing pieces, the renter will be charged for repair and/or replacement fees. • Should there be harsh weather; the renter is responsible for covering and protecting all equipment. • NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR DISCOUNTS once items are delivered. • Once the equipment is set up, IT SHALL NOT BE RELOCATED; should you need it moved, you MUST contact Moonwalk.

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