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Product Information:

Popcorn machine with 8 oz popper
Price: $65.00 per day, cart $20 per day
Age: 3 to adult can enjoy
Capacity: NA
Power: 1 x 15amp designated outlet
Supervisors Required: 1
Description: Who can resist hot, fresh, salty theatre-style popcorn! We offer pre-measured Nak Packs ($) taking the guess work out of the making! Open pack and pop! Excellent for fundraisers or any type of event.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


  • 6003495 819561414 Popcorn machine6003495 861584 Popcorn machinePopcorn Servings

    Each 8oz Nak Pak makes approx. 16  servings of the 7" popcorn bag

  • Popcorn Cart 9490086 Popcorn machinepopcorn cart 443710 Popcorn machinePopcorn Cart

    Popcorn Cart

  • 7 inch popcorn bag 487730568 Popcorn machine7 inch popcorn bag 868021309 Popcorn machine7" Paper Popcorn Bags

    7' paper popcorn bag ~ 0.08 cents per bag

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